Benefits of Massage and Helpful Hints


Powerful Exercise for Low Back Pain, Sciatica and Lumbar Disc Bulge

In this video, Dr. Phillip Snell D.C. demonstrates some McKenzie low back exercises that, in addition to therapeutic massage, can help eliminate much of the back pain that is so prevalent out there. The McKenzie exercises were developed by internationally renowned physical therapist Robin McKenzie and have decades of research to back them up. Give them a try!

For more information, check out Robin McKenzie's fantastic little book Treat Your Own Back.

How To Free Up Muscle and Joint Tension In The Mid-Back with a $15 Foam Roller from Amazon

Much of the muscle and joint pain in the thoracic spine (mid and upper back) can be released with a few minutes of simple foam rolling at the end of your work day. Foam rollers can be found at almost any sporting goods store or on Amazon for less than $15 dollars and are well worth the investment!

The one that I like and recommend can be found here on Amazon. This is the 24" length, but you can get them in varying lengths to suit your personal preference.

Brugger's Postural Relief:
Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief in 30 Seconds

In this video, my son Dr. Aubrey Lorentz D.C. explains a simple but very effective postural break exercise you can do throughout your work day to help alleviate much of the stress and tension that accumulates in our necks and shoulders from the head-forward position so many of us encounter on a daily basis.

The key to making this work for you is to set a timer at either 30 or 60 minute intervals and to do it frequently to prevent tissue stress from building up. If you are currently having significant neck and shoulder pain, you will want to try and do it every 30 minutes. Otherwise, do it every hour for prevention and maintenance.